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What Our Users Say


I love your software and I have created a lot of nice screensavers for myself and my friends.


I really love the app because it is user friendly and although a picture is worth a thousand words and photos are memories, you guys have brought the photo memories to another level as you have added virtual life to them.

Lady Dove Elite Screensaver

I love the fact that we can now add animations to our screensavers and I am more then sure that my customers will enjoy this.

Linda Harmon

I just downloaded there screensavers on a recommendation from a friend -AWESOME… Thanks and I have told all my friends. Good job.. int this day and age when there is so much junk on the internet. It is refreshing to find a site like yours…

Brian Ascherman

Think is a wonderful screensaver. I added it to my computer at work and everyone has commented on it. It is so pleasant to have these soothing pictures in our high stress environment.

Sherry J.

I purchased Ace Pro Screensaver Creator in 2003, and I still consider it the best water effect screensaver creator out there. It is easy to use, has the best water effects, and the customer support is absolutely fabulous. I own several other screensaver creators but this one is at the top of my list!